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Thread: The Riaa And Their Crap

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    Couple of points here, the riaa are trying to settle out of court with everyone because they know that one big court case will blow the whole thing open and expose themsels to A. Loop holes int the law which they already know about and b. being sued themselves for invasion of privacy. Their basicaly hacking people if they attempt to bypass firewalls which is a crime itself, so riaa up your cause everyone knows your full of crap, and you really think sue'n people's gonna make them buy cd's. i think not

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    Oh brother.

    The RIAA(et al) is not hacking anyones PC.

    They utilize the very software that we use. They are downloading from users, identifying the files, collecting the IPs of those users(not illegal BTW), and than contacting ISPs and demanding our personal info.

    There is where the fight is happening. Whether or not ISPs are required to give out said information.

    kid1a, I don't know where you're from, but that's what is happening here in the US.


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