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Thread: VLC player associated with .bin file

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    My video player automatically associated itself with two downloaded CD's of JPEG images that says they are .bin files. MagicISO and PowerISO both cannot recognize the two CD's. MagicISO says 'cannot find the file or isn't CD image file'. PowerISO says 'filename, directory name or file syntax is incorrect'. Is this a corrupt file or will it not open because VLC media player is associated with it, or something else? What can I try? Roxio used to associate itself with bin and iso before I got rid of Roxio.

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    It would be really strange for your friend to send you a .bin file of jpg pictures.

    If you can not open the .bin file with magicISO or powerISO, it is corrupt. Since if it was a real copy .bin file that is a mirror of what is on a cd-r, it would have opened correctly.

    Have your friend re-send it
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    My brother came across something very similar this weekend after downloading a file with Polish characters in the name.

    Try renaming the file (and the entry in the cue file if you've got one), if it is the same problem that should solve it.
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    To change the file association (This won't fix the corrupt file issue. Try what Lynx said.):
    Right click any bin file -> Open with -> Choose default program -> Browse to whatever program you want such as powerISO -> Click ok

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    In the first place both magiciso and poweriso are proprietary formats, that is the files they create can only be read with their own software. This is a heavy handed trick, to force other users to buy their software, so I wouldn't touch either one with a virtual 10foot pole. Ultraiso on the other hand will open all forms of images that are not proprietary (it is not allowed to open poweriso or magiciso, Gee, I wonder why?). If I were you I would look into getting a copy and use magic and power only if you have to, never make files with them, your just supporting their heavy handed attempts to make money.

    A bin file with jpeg's on it is usually a slideshow which is meant to be burned to cd. You can test it out by mounting it with the free version of daemon tools.

    Did it even come with a cue file?

    VLC probably associated with it cause it see's it as a vcd file, which also comes in the bin/cue format.
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