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Thread: Need Help....pls.

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    Ok...Both of my children are CRAZY over sims. I have installed the "livin' large" and it seems fine. BUT, when I tried to download and install other versions or success.... .

    Please for the sake of MY SANITY and my children's entertainment...I could use some help.


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    hey i had the same problem but, i found a solution when my mom started getin grouchy . read the read-me file and it should tell you the installation order you should install in, for example:

    1: the sims (original)
    2: uh hot date
    3:livin large
    4: i dont nkow any more

    this is not the actuall order but, ya know, check out the read me (toward the bottom i think). and cheeck the readme of the latest version.

    Glad i can help
    so you dont go :microsmile:


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