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Thread: New TV?

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    Looking for a new TV for my room. Needs to be 32" and wall mountable (Do I need to buy anything extra to mount TV's on the wall?).

    Needs to have at least 1 scart, 1 input that allows me to plug my PC/Laptop into it and 1 of the new input for HD stuff.

    Looking at stuff around the 300 quid mark, quality doesn't need to be fantastic.

    I don't have SKY or any HD stuff in my room but that will come soon enough, just gonna mount it on my wall and watch DVD's, Freeview tv and use it as a PC monitor.

    Also what are these DVD players that play normal DVD's but upscale to HD resolutions, do they work well? Worth getting one?

    Only problem is I have no clue about HD TV and and the different formats (1080i/1080p?)

    Looking at This. It's got a Samsung screen apparently and seems like a nice cheapish TV? Only problem is I really want a black TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerzy View Post
    Needs to be
    wall mountable (Do I need to buy anything extra to mount TV's on the wall?).
    Yeah, you need a wall mount bracket.
    The TV you cite is VESA compatible (as are most TVs/monitors) which is just a standard defining mounting methods (bolt patterns, etc.).

    It'll look something like this.
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