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Thread: Update Geforce 4

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    i updated my nvidia geforce4 with windows update (xp) and now none of my games work anymore. (fifa 2003 c&c generals, renegade) they do not find my graphics card anymore, and i canīt put the old drivers back. I already tried to reinstall the games. Any suggestions?

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    sorry server was slow so i thought this never posted, have deleted, c next one

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    get the latest driver from nvidia here microsoft are always a little behind just click graphics drivers>geforce>winxp click one of the download links, accept the agrrement and save it so you always got driver, then open it when its fin downloadin, also did you install directX9 at same time as driver? could be ya games are not opening coz they req dx8.1 and not geared up for dx9, check each games website for a patch if so.


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