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Thread: No Widescreen :(

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    Hope you can help.......
    I'm currently having this problem with American Pie 3 cd2 (from Suprnova) and have had it before with various other movies - when I play it, the screen (instead of widescreen) is squashed in to a box shape distorting the picture a bit and cutting off the ends.

    The strange part of it is that this file has played in normal, unsquashed, widescreen a couple of nights ago and now will only open up squashed.

    I have the latest kazaa codecs, am using WMP and have tried RP, have a decent graphics card, and all my other current movies are playing fine. The problem ocurs in normal mode and fullscreen, adn I have checked the resize options etc..

    Screen caps:

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    Give this a go,

    Click VIEW > VIDEO SIZE >

    Make sure that the following options are selected:

    1. Fit video to player on resize
    2. Fit Player to video on start.

    Try viewing your movie.

    dony know if this will work but give it a go kj. cya.

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    Thanks anyway but I've tried all that stuff (they're checked, I've unchecked them and then rechecked check-a-checkcheckcheck etc...).

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    you might want to consider using opinion is its the best media player to get so far...for your problem it has the ability to change aspect ratios to many preset settings...also you can stretch/shrink the width or height of the screen to suit you..all this can be done with the roll of the mouse wheel if you set it up that way so no matter what file you open you can change its ratio with ease..


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