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Thread: Seedbox Suggestions?

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    guys i need help. I need a seed box ASAP.

    at least 1tb bandwidth

    anyone know the best place to get something like that. I live in the us so OVH is out of the question.

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    Don't know about seebox, but do know that this question has been asked many times before, so I recommend using the seach feature. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exportal
    Price - monthly (Euro)
    Set-up fee
    Intel P4 1.6 GHz
    Intel P4 2,4 GHz
    Intel P4 3 GHz
    RAM memory
    512 MB RAM
    512 MB RAM
    1024 MB RAM
    Hard drive
    40 GB HDD
    80 GB HDD
    2 x 80 GB HDD
    Data transfer - monthly
    2000 GB
    3000 GB
    4000 GB

    Standard features common to all plans
    IP addresses 2 (Additional addresses available if required) Guaranteed uptime 99,5% Data center location Germany Operating system Debian Sarge, SUSE 9.3 Internet connection 100Mbps FD (Full duplex)
    Rescue system 'Rescue System' for emergency boot from a spare operation system Hardware replacement Within 4 hours, in the case of failure Reinstallation Possibility to reinstall the operation system
    Optional features – add to above prices
    Bandwidth over-usage fee 0,99 EUR/GB/ month "Remote hands" – technical service in the data center (fee for each 15 minutes started) Euro 25 One APC Reboot Port (enabling to re-boot the server independently) Euro 7,9 / month
    Either get a bigger budget or find a reseller for ovh as 50 USD is fook all and dont expect to get much for your money.

    39 euros = 75USDish and remember to pick a linux distro or you gotta pay more - may i suggest fed core 6

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    Use the search button and then look into hosting ie after you've learned more. You'll find better answers if you post this thread at CFS.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    485 or serch offers
    You find smthing with 1-tb for 50bucks

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    Hosting-ie VPS

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    Try I have used the economy package for the last 3 weeks. Even though it is a 100mbs shared with 3 other users I could still get up speeds of about 6mb/s. I have just ordered the utorrent single user box so speeds should be even better.

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    jmhservices were excellent for me also, if you were wondering on more opinions
    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!


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