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Thread: Will FLAC ever be playable on Hi-Fis or DVD players?

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    Hi guys!

    As of now (if i'm not mistaken), flac and other lossless files can only be played on the computer. do you guys think this will ever change? there are so many of us that have vast lossless collections...and i was wondering if we'd all have to just keep on depending on our computers to listen to them.

    has anybody heard of anything being done about this? also, if you know anything about the possibilities of expecting lossless support on i-pods/ any other lossless equivalents to it, please let me know.

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    I'd also like to add a question to the Original Post.

    Is there any way to put FLAC/EAC audio on the iPod? o_O

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    well, atleast my question was already answered by skizo, in the lossless thread i'd put up. here's the question, and his answer:

    Originally Posted by arvind_sampath
    ok..this is a bit off the topic, and i posted an entire new thread for it in the music section which no one responded to, so i'm just going to try it here: what do you think lies in the future for lossless formats? i was just we are, with thousands of albums in lossless formats, and isn't it a little strange that we have to always come back to our computers to listen to them?
    which brings me to my main question. do you think anyone's doing anything about it even as we write this, and is there any chance that we'll get to play this music on our hi-fis and dvd players anytime soon? would be nice, don't you think?
    Just use the CUE file for what it's made for: Burn an exact copy.

    Use the CUE sheet in conjunction with Nero to burn the Flac files onto a CD and have an exact copy. That way, you'll have the exact same quality as if it were a purchased disc.

    Is there any way to put FLAC/EAC audio on the iPod?
    i have no idea...can somebody help?

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    i have a Yamaha Pro-Bit CD player. It was quite expensive at the time (it's about 5 years old now) but it plays flac files. I just burn the flac files onto a disc and it plays no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arvind_sampath View Post

    Is there any way to put FLAC/EAC audio on the iPod?
    i have no idea...can somebody help?

    The FST group

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    FLAC has got the best hardware support out of all the lossless codecs.

    FLAC's sourceforge page yielded this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by arvind_sampath View Post

    i have no idea...can somebody help?
    thats kinda old... 2005.

    isnt Rockbox the way to go now?

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    @ colt45joe, emperorIX and Skizo:

    Thanks all for the links! Will give them a thorough look, and get back if there are any doubts.


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    It's already playable on all kinds of hardware - from $200 Squeezebox to $10000 Linn Klimax DS.


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