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Thread: Suprnova Problem

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    1. i use opera and IE, and when i go to suprnova with opera 7, it's all laggy and wierd

    2. using IE, i go to suprnova, and click in games and pc, and nothing is displayed!! I know that they cant all be gone?!?!

    3. I can't dl anything from suprnova!! None of the links work. I start the dl, but nothing happens. usually it starts at like 5-10 kb/s immediately, and now nothing, even on popular dls!!!!

    4. wat's up with the no stats??

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    dyndns killed off there tracker.

    they will find a new one and it will all be back up and running in a day or so i bet.

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    Because of the tracker URL change:

    All torrents that have 'no-stats' are torrents that you need to download again to work, DNS will propagate in 3-4 hours.
    The DNS of the new tracker urls are still propagating, so just open up the torrent, leave it on and let it try to connect.

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    Originally posted by abu_has_the_power@11 August 2003 - 02:35
    2. using IE, i go to suprnova, and click in games and pc, and nothing is displayed!! I know that they cant all be gone?!?!

    The no stats and not being able to D'ld has been answered as for the PC games. I have the same problem, with IE and Pera, ther is nothing under PC. No matter how many times I refresh, get rid of cookies. and everything else. I found no resolution, except that a member of this board took the time to take screen shots of all the games, send them to me, and then after I let him now what i wanted sent me the torrent files (sniper, thanks again) I still have the screen shots, so I would be happy to send them to you if you PM me your email but i will not be able to send you the torrent files except for the ones that i got, which i still have.

    If anyone has a resoultion to this problem I would de interested.

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    i cant even visit there website now. Whenever it type in the address field it takes me 2 and after a while a get a msg "could not connect to remote server" (opera). did they change there website address

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    Bentley's Avatar Member
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    yup i get that too. ^^

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    Originally posted by Bentley@11 August 2003 - 19:20
    yup i get that too. ^^
    i hope that they get it fixed

    by the way i found this , i think its back on but still some files are missing

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    Originally posted by jii_m@11 August 2003 - 22:15
    There's 2 more mirrors.
    these links arent working

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    Originally posted by jii_m@11 August 2003 - 23:15
    There's 2 more mirrors.
    Managed To Connect To Supernova Through Both Sites But Cant Save Anything
    Just Says "I.E. Was Not Able To Open Site"
    Does Anyone Know What The Problem Is

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