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Thread: How To Use Sigs To Download Without Cd Burners

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    Hey. I was wondering how can I use the sig2dat utility, without an CD Burner. I want to download the Windows XP files, but all I see is instructions to use it using a CD Burner. Problem is, I don't have one. Is there a way to use these downloads, and install them without an CD-RW drive?

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    You're asking two questions. One is how to use a hash, which can be answered if you read the FAQ. Your second question is if it's possible to install XP without a CD burner. I don't think it's possible, since you need to boot off the CD in order to install it (well that's how I install it). If you don't have a burner, then I think you can go to one of those PC stores and rent a burner, but I'm not sure.

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    You can "mount" the CD-image on a DVD/CD-ROM drive. Use the most popular Daemon Tools or ImageDrive from Ahead Nero. I, personally, extract all of the contents using WinISO ( and then run it from the HDD, it has it's advantage being that large games install much faster because Hard Drive access rates cannot be beaten, well maybe apart from an Iomega Zip 100/250/750.


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