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Thread: Help me please

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    i downloaded Spotmau.PowerSuite.v2008.Pro the only files that where there are below, so is something missing. What do i need to do to get it to work so i can burn to a disk or load onto hard drive. List of files i got

    pnt-sp08.001 8eb94ba4
    pnt-sp08.002 a85c8701
    pnt-sp08.003 e1c01a19
    pnt-sp08.004 f0d30afe
    pnt-sp08.005 bd08b092
    pnt-sp08.006 d434b933
    pnt-sp08.007 7ad90679
    pnt-sp08.008 aa91df6f
    pnt-sp08.009 7bf0ab6b

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    PNT is a Mac file extension ? Maybe trying D/L another link or try TuneUp Utilities 2008 instead as it has some of the same features as Spotmau .

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    Thanks peat it didnt say its was for mac.

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    i don't think PNT is the file extension. are the file names pnt-sp08.001, pnt-sp08.002, pnt-sp08.003 ... ?

    if so this may help.

    edit: yea, i looked on the pirate bay for that program, and in the comments i found people being told how to extract *.001 files.
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    The_Hunter, just try to open one of the files with WinRAR and then just extract.
    Lee551 posted good link with explanation .


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