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Thread: account GIVEAWAY!!

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    Uhhh since i just got a free invite to Revtt thanks to idoleyes!
    Thought i might give my account away because i do not use this site at all i have and can get all the music i want!!

    So post here why you want it and some speedtest and 3 ratio proofs not just anyone is going to get this. Because dont forget this is MY account which has MY name on it!

    PLEASE only request this site if your really going to use it because the ratio on this site is really bad because it is a hard site to upload on!

    So post me what you got!

    PM me only if necessary!!

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    Other trackers:

    Speed test:

    I'll try my best to seed there. I know it's hard, but I manage in BitMe, so why shouldn't I manage in What.CD?

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    400 account been given away!



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