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Thread: Any good foreign movies you've seen lately?

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    Hello all!

    Seen any good foreign (non-english) movies you'd like to recommend? old, new, it's up to you.


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    4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
    Insomnia (the original not the remake)
    The Red Balloon
    Run Lola Run
    Wings of Desire
    The Lives of Others

    But my all time favorite is still Seven Samurai.

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    Where is the friend's home? - Abbas Kiarastomi (highly recommended)
    The Taste of Cherry - Abbas Kiarastomi
    Ten - Abbas Kiarastomi (highly recommended)
    The Silence - Ingmar Bergman (heavy)
    KikujirŰ no natsu - Takeshi Kitano (highly recommended)
    Nostalgia - Andrei Tarkovsky (heavy)


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    Thanks for recommendations arvind.
    The only film I've seen that you mentioned is Bergman's and though I appreciate his ability I can't say that I've really enjoyed any of his films.
    I'll try to check out the other's though.I've heard of Kiarostami and his work looks very interesting .
    Looking forward to more of your posts.

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    Run Lola Run an excellent independient movie

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    Thanks for the response! As you have correctly observed, bergman is just not everybody's cup of tea. That's also why i put the "heavy" next to it as a warning to anybody who's new to his work. Bergman's world was one of intense depression, dreams and nightmares, solitude, and his movies stand the test of time, because of the unerring truth with which he was able to express these worlds on celluloid.
    Kiarastomi, i can't recommend enough. Be sure to start with his earlier films (one of them being "where is the friend's home?"). I don't want to spoil anything for you, and neither am i a firm believer in criticism, but kiarastomi's world view is among the most endearing and human that i have seen on film. See his will understand what i'm saying.

    Nostagia - again not for everyone. Very deep, poetic, slow and contemplative. Most people i know will also attach another adjective to that list...boring! Not to me, though.

    Kikujiro - You haven't already seen it? Go watch it right now! Enough said!

    @Septimus: One of my favourites too...must have seen it atleast a dozen times (and around 7 times in the cinema!). How does one express the concept of "moment" - one moment with all the drama, angst, fears that come with it? To me, Run Lola Run does this better than most other films i've seen. And for technique freaks, it's a new lesson in filmmaking and its art, that you don't want to miss!

    As for coming up with more recommendations here, don't worry, they'll keep coming.

    Cheers to all!

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    A film that i love and have seen it 3-4 times is Boe's "Reconstruction"
    Other films i really liked where Per Fly's "Arven","Drabet" and "Bšnken".This guy is special,he fucks his 'heroes' but with a very personal way.Anyway try to see sth and you will understand..

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    water lillies

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    The day after tomorrow
    Good luck with the watching ;-]

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    El Orfanato
    Pan's Labyrinth

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