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Thread: Xfx 5200 Problem.

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    Ok, here's the thing:
    Last may I bought a XFX 5200 128 Tv/DVI out.
    And last nite had a HUGE problem (2 actually)....

    1_I never really paid any atention to it, but I have a JVC TV, with NTSC, PAL-N, PAL M and auto-detect. Here in Argentina, the color system is PAL N , but when I use ntsc, everything is ok, except for one thing: The TV has some kind of interference, some kind of horizontal white lines that makes my TV blink... (like when You see a screen while is being filmed.. ), and kinda hurts my eyes.. In pal, i can only see in B&W.... and strangely.. it has a better definition...

    2_ Last nite I updated to the latest driver for XP pro.. and well, I rebooted and all that, everything was cool... but this morning when I turned on the pc, it just wouldn't start (This pc has 3 months only) I feel it has something to do with the update i had done....

    3_ Before I formatted my HD and reinstalled windows XP pro, I has warcraft 3 running at max resolution and detail.. and now, I get some kind of delay...
    i mean.,. c'mon, my pc is damn good..

    P 4 1GB ddr 333 mhz--
    Xfx 5200
    80 GB 7200 WD
    Mobo intel D865 perl.sound blaster live 5.1 creative...
    monitor viewsonic e90fb

    Help would be appreciated.

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    after investigating a lot.. i found out the prob:

    I had to unplug the antenna cable.....
    damn.. !!! :gun:


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