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Thread: High Quality (320kbps+) music tracker??

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    Hi everyone,

    Just interested if anyone has any invites for any high quality/bitrate music trackers .. if they even exist, I'll try and earn one
    Is just reallly hard to get that high bitrate stuff through public trackers I find.

    If anyone would be so kind I'd love an invite, I suppose all I can do is ask, I can provide speeds etc if needed.


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    Waffles. I'll send you an invite when they open.

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    do you actually prefer 320 to v0? you DO know CBR isn't always encoded using LAME, but VBR is. that's a big reason why most people download v0 as opposed to 320, the other being the size difference

    I'll also send you an STMusic invite code. it's great for v0, and way easier to seed then waffles (although waffles has a lot more torrents, and better quality in general)
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    thanks for your replies

    I haven't had much experience with V0, but as long as its compatible with an ipod it sounds pretty sweet.

    I'll pm you guys my email,

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    Does anyone have another invite to spare to a good V0 or high quality mp3 tracker? Would greatly appreciate it.


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