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Thread: Your latest "Big" finds on the net?

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    hello folks!

    Any sites/blogs/linkswarms/trackers/articles, anything that's caught your eye lately, made your day or simply made you thank the stars for the internet? Bring it on, then!

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    ok, maybe the word "big" is a little intimidating. i didn't mean it to "big", i meant, sites that have been "big" finds for you. Personally. Please, let it have nothing to do with oneupmanship, and let's not reduce it to a silly game of my-find-is-bigger-than-yours. chances are, if the find meant something to you, it will resonate with others too, so bring on the love and the knowledge!

    i'll try to get things started. if my list is too tedious for you, or just speaks a different language from yours, please don't mind. increasingly, i find that there aren't many who share my interests, but that isn't something i can control, is it? so here goes anyway.


    Movies: For those of you who want to get into foreign films, but don't know where to start, this is as good a place as any other:

    To source film information from the blogosphere9there's more to it than imdb, you know), there is a special movie blog search:

    For a whole bunch of ED2k links to films forgotten by time:

    Classics, both foreign and english:

    Really wonderful bunch, and they keep upping some rare gems on tpb, but beware, this is only for folks into serious, art cinema:

    The big, Guardian list. 1000 films to see before the fat lady sings:,,2108487,00.html

    Into jazz, then maybe you're already a regular, but anyway. Great for free jazz and avant-garde stuff:

    Nice place for world and traditional music:

    Want to have an introduction to classical music, but all the guys who know anything about it are snobs, so you've never considered it seriously. Start here:

    International radio stations?

    If you've ever wondered what indian classical is all about:


    The great gustav klimt, one of my favourite artists:

    I'm sure you can find a lot on your private trackers, for those of you that are members, but somehow, going through a blog, where the cover art is in front of you, and there's usually a good write-up or two, and links to other sources of information, is, i'm sure you'll agree, a delight on its own.

    Cheers and happy discovering!


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