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    ok, i've got a series of stupid questions, so mock me as you wish........
    -if i burn a movie normaly, (without doing a thing to the movie) onto blank dvd-r cd, will it play on my dvd player?
    -is there any way to get a .divx movie to be able to be played in a dvd player, without losing shitloads of quality/have the same quality asit started out with?
    -is there any way to download a movie, off kazaa, that can be burnt straight onto a normal blank cd, without doing a thing except burning it?
    -lastly, what the hell is bitorent(sp?)? is it better than kazaa? pro's? con's?

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    Some answers:
    1. Nope.
    2. There is only one DVD player can play divx and xvid movies, by "kiss", I think.
    3. If you burn as data sure.
    4. Dont know much about it. But here is the download for Bittorrent.

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    1. Nope!
    2. Encode to high quality standards! SVCD, DVD etc. .
    3. Yes! If it has .mpg extension it should just burn.
    4. Only one way to find out, try it! Install and then go to a site like

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    if you download a movie in VCD/SVCD format (try googling for the exact specs of these files), it may play on your dvd player if you player supports VCD/SVCD format discs. most of the files ending in "mpeg" or "mpg" are VCD/SVCD, although a few may not be. you can use Nero, Roxio Easy CD, etc to create VCD/SVCD layouts (then you just drag the mpeg file into the layout and burn it).

    DivX, XviD, AVI and other mpeg 4 files-- these cannot be played on a standard dvd player. you either have to convert them to VCD or SVCD, which will reduce the quality... or you could buy a dvd player that supports mpeg 4. these players are rare, since this is a very new feature-- there are probably 10 or 20 models available which have it. these models include the KISS 450, Lite-On LVD 2001, etc.

    BitTorrent is a filesharing program that uses small networks based on "trackers" and websites. after installing BitTorrent, you find a BitTorrent website that hosts .torrent files, download these files, and click the files to start the transfers. BitTorrent's advantage is that you can use it to get hold of more obscure/rare files than what people have on kazaa. people do not have to have complete files to share-- if they have part of the file, that part is shared with other people. but the down side is that the files are only shared for very limited time periods. there are no shared folders. one person begins sharing a file, other people download from him and share for a little while, then they stop sharing and the file eventually becomes completely unavailable-- you have to get in while people are still sharing. the speed can be slower than kazaa or faster than kazaa... it just depends.

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    Originally posted by KrackHead2k@10 August 2003 - 22:02
    2. There is only one DVD player can play divx and xvid movies, by "kiss", I think.
    KISS 450 was the first one, but there are several now. as far as i know, they all use the Sigma Designs mpeg 4 decoder chip, so the decoding quality should be similar on all of those players.

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    Alright cool, thanks for all the info. I still have a few questions though...
    -how much quality will be lost when I convert a .divx movie to svcd?
    -also, how long does it take?

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    quality - depends on too many factors to say, svcd the best you are ever gonna do really is like dvd to vhs (a little worse but hard to answer.)

    As for time - well that depends on the machine and the encoder for me with tmpgenc on my P4 2.0 756MB ddr, it takes about 1.5X the source run time, on high priority.


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