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Thread: any body know a software to create & design a virtual girl

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    any body know a software to create & design a virtual girl
    i.e facial details , chest size ,body built ....etc
    but no porn games & thanks to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedaxax View Post
    That's a really good suggestion. It's like the perfect blend between good usability and decent functionality for someone who doesn't want to build them from scratch, like.

    I dunno if here's anything else like it, with everything in the same package and not crap. There are a couple of plugins for maya, though.

    I guess, if you want something really limited, you could try and find the offline character generator off CoH, ncsoft Korea released that ages ago and it's been translated by some people. It's tied to a game, though, and I don't reckon what you get out of that looks very natural. While it's the easiest thing possible, it's a bastard to find now.
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    Poser + if u want to use 3D max or maya u will find a lot of modeled characters in bitme or gfxNews or in this site . but the benefit of poser its easy of use specially motion.

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    Also in 3d Max, you can edit some characters from the Guitar Hero I and II games.

    Check scorehero (google) for software to extract the character models from your Guitar Hero I or II PS2 game and open them in 3d max.

    From there you can design a virtual girl off the female models or create new facial skins, etc.
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