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Thread: Preordered GTA4 but will they sell fast?

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    i have to work that day so im trying to decide on wether its best to go at midnight or later in the day. the thing about that is will there be a line at midnight? im thinking there will be no line around 6 or 7am before work, but is there a chance my store could sell out? are they only selling to preorders and gaurenteeing us stock or selling to anybody?

    basically, im just trying to get an idea if i might not get the game by not going at midnight. that would piss me off =P
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    there arent that many stores that will be open at midnight, so theres a good chance if one doesn't have it, the other one will. also what system are you buying the game for? i heard someone say that there might be limited supply of PS3 version.... HOWEVER, i dont think that everyone will rush out that same morning to pick up their version... im sure you'll be fine if you wait till the afternoon or even the next day.


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