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Thread: req: indietorrents

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    hey folks..long time, no see...i'm looking for an indietorrents invite if anyones got one to spare...i'll leave rep.

    also...what's the deal with the music torrents now? i haven't read the board in 3 months. who's winning the battle to replace oink? waffles and what aint even coming close for me. i can't find anywhere near what oink had at those places. sorry...don't want to start a big thread here but just wondering if any other places are on the rise.

    big thanks,

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    PM me your email, and a few bands you like to listen to and I'll probably send you an invite.

    I also agree there is nothing like OiNK yet, has the most torrents, but still nothing close. I've found that a combination every music tracker almost fills the gap, but I still find myself saying.. "I'd bet if OiNK was here I'd be able to find this album."


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