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Thread: Need SCT

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    Can someone help me get into SCT please? Did they just open signups?
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    "SCT torrents" is kinda redundant isn't it ?

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    Did SCT just opened signups? Can someone help me please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin316 View Post
    Did SCT just opened signups? Can someone help me please?
    give me 20 euros and u are in


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    lol @ the SCT packs that can be found on public trackers...
    but yet i've never been in SCT too...
    i just found a list of things that might be on there that im lookin' for anyone can help with just a title btw ?
    sorry to be a lil off topic, but if i had invites i don't think i'd give him right away by lookin' at his post
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