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Thread: How to post a successful plea for an invite [FAQ]

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    Now I've seen plenty of great giveaways, with great prizes, but their just spoiled by the immense amount of posts that say:

    need torrent-hackers plz

    can i get invite for TTi please& thx
    Now, just ask yourself. Do you really think that you will recieve that invite, account, or upload credit just because you made a pathetic plea that has no substance at all. Now, if your sane, the answer's a no. Take a few minutes, and just collect ratioproofs from your trackers, and a speedtest and then post them in the thread. Chances are, you'll have a 1000000000000% better chance of getting that invite than just saying "I want, please give".

    Also, for an even better chance, give reasons for why you want to be in the tracker. No, just saying "want, teh best music tacker.." isn't going to do it. Instead, give a legitmate reason like the one VillageShaman posted

    I posted already in about 20 GA threads for an invite to this tracker.

    I was almost being given one invite at one point but then I ended up being ignored by the guy doing the away.

    Reasons for getting access to this tracker?

    I have plenty.

    1) I don't like the way TVTorrents is layed out. It doesn't make surfing the available torrents any easier than the normal layout on private trackers.

    2) I don't consider to have as much content that I seek, especially the older, no longer airing, shows.

    3) I am a TV-show aficionado, it being the "opiate of the masses". In my view there's a lot of good shows out there, currently airing and no longer airing as well. Stuff that I like to watch on "the box" : Life, Entourage, Prison Break (not so psyched on the new seasons though, I think the first was the only really good one), Life on Mars, Spooks, Hustle, Cold Cases, Lovespring, How I Met Your Mother, The Office (UK and US), Dexter, Family Guy, The Simpsons (a classic), American Dad, Pushing Daisies, Little Britain,(I could go on).

    But this is not enough. I'm sure, anyone with a keen eye and a decent taste in good entertainment could find these materials on the net (maybe not the BBC shows, which are rarer). But BitMeTV has even rarer things. Shows that no longer air. Things from the past, that are true gems. These things are what I seek. Shows like Coupling, The X Files, The Waltons, The Muppet Show (from the 70's?), and so forth.

    4) Why consider me as a candidate? I don't cheat, trade, hack, collect, or do anything otherwise considered immature and harmful to the bt scene. On every tracker were I work I am active, and leeching/seeding away like a proper pirate.

    This is why I seek access to BitMeTV. Please, oh nice people, heed my cry.

    TheShaman (healer)

    Others from Dunson (thanks):

    Now that is one hell of a good reason, and within 16 hours, he got BitmeTV. Now do you see why spending 5 minutes of your life for a tracker that you might use for the next 5/10/15 years is worth it?

    And one more note. Follow the rules. Any user who doesn't post the requirements to the thread is automatically disqualified. And no 5 month old speedtest from your library please, any sane giver would check your history, and see if you suddenly got a 20mbs connection when only 2 hours ago, you had a 1.5mbs connection.

    Heres a great example from ch14637 about why he wanted HDR's COD4 cd key

    Hi there HDR, I notice that you are finally giving away your COD4 CD key! I would like to request this please. I have been a member of FST for well over half a year now and I have done numerous giveaways in the past to benefit this community. I am a big fan of COD4 and I play the game all the time but unfortunately I can only use a cracked CD key to play on cracked servers, which is not that fun at all.

    Ratio proofs with today's date:

    *More ratio proofs can be obtained if needed.*

    3 speed tests with different locations:
    Speed test 1 - Los Angeles, California:
    Speed test 2 - Lisbon, Portugal:
    Speed test 3 - Vancouver, Canada:

    *More speed tests from different locations can be obtained if needed. In addition to my home connection I also have a 100MB seedbox, so speed isn't a problem for me at all.

    If I win this COD4 CD key, I will be very grateful and appreciative and you will have fulfilled my dream of playing on a genuine COD4 server. Thanks for considering me in this giveaway.
    And guess what? He recieved it.

    So basically, don't be a dumbarse, and reap the benefits.

    PS. If anybody wants to add anything, just say.

    PPS. If this is the wrong section, please say.
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    I really appreciate this post. It is frustrating to read the can I has torrentz plz posts that are all over the place (the best are the ones right under the post where the winner was announced).

    Here are some examples that worked for me. These are my own threads, but I think a post like this really deserves consideration in any giveaway as well.

    Note: the Elektronik thread didn't get an invite right away but a few days later staff pmed me with a few questions and then an invite. That's true for a lot of sites...
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    very good thread, thanks for your input

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    Nice guide colyu, and thanks for using my request as an example.

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    Speedtests usually help, but most people know that they can be easily faked.
    Besides, a member with a slower broadband connection is not necessarily a cheater or a worse candidate for an invite.

    Ratio proofs can also be photoshoped or "borrowed" and there are a lot of cheaters with perfect ratios.

    As for the denial of being a cheater, hacker, collector etc: Have you seen a lot of cheaters or hackers declaring their guilt to get a free invite?

    So, I would say that basically you have to be lucky that someone reads your thread and is willing to believe in you and help you.
    Clean of trades background also helps.

    However, most people are generally apprehensive inviting people from FST, since they know how many cheaters/traders/liars are around that could put their own accounts in danger.

    SO why would they want to do it?
    Maybe they are in a good mood that particular day you asked.
    Maybe they don't care about the tracker much.
    Maybe they have multiple accounts there and don't care if they invite a bad person.
    Maybe they just need to collect reputation points, hoping that this would help them in their own requests.

    The best thing is NOT to make pleas openly, especially for trackers that hate publicity.
    Be trustworthy with the invites been given to you and you will be offered many more (much harder to get) privately, without even having to ask.
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