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    Remember the old Napster (SlavaNap) network, that mysteriously vanished more than a year ago? Then you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that it's returning under new management...mine We ( decided to add the domain to our portfolio and, as of next week, May the 3rd, to continue the free filesharing service, commemorating the original owner, Elly's birthday and my sister Wendy, who has been a constant inspiration and I live, exiled in strange land.
    To give you an idea of the original size of this network check the following servers list,
    Spoiler: Show

    most servers hosted around 1000 users, often more.

    If you are interested in receiving further formation, regarding this free filesharing service or maybe like to join us, share files or even run a server, (which you can do quite easily from the comfort of your own home on your own PC...or Dad's ). It's quite easy to configure and run, and with a little assistance, you could be up and running within an hour and see file sharers start to log in; then feel free to contact me.

    Curious?..If you ever wondered about Napster and the opennap scene* and thought that it was extinct, then I can inform you that it still exists and is alive and kicking ( if you don't share) It's still possible for you to log onto such a server..and share files the original old partially fossilised Napster filesharers from all over the world and chat in chat rooms, or even create your own personal/custom chatroom, while you are waiting for your files to finish. Below you will find a simple guide on how to join these Napster networks, using my network as example

    * How To Get Started Visual Guide

    * Opennap-Wiki

    See you in the Lounge
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