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Thread: Anyone Seen This?

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    TechTV begins a three-part series tonight, interviewing Nikki Hemming, the CEO of Kazaa. The series continues Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 8pm eastern, 5pm Pacific.

    The article and complete video of the interview is also posted online here


    YDNEY, Australia -- Her company's technology may be dragging the entertainment industry, kicking and screaming, into a future of file swapping, but the entertainment industry would rather drag Nikki Hemming and her company into court.

    Such is the pitched battle shaping up between recording companies and the tiny, Australian software company. Maybe you've heard of it: Sharman Networks, the company that owns and operates KaZaA.

    In a rare television interview -- she's sat for only one other interview, which apparently never aired -- Sharman CEO Nikki Hemming answered a host of questions about the challenges she faces running such a controversial company.

    Tonight, "Tech Live" gets personal with Hemming for a first-hand look inside the company rocking the world with KaZaA. On Thursday and Friday's "Tech Live," tune in for more with Hemming, including a look at the future of her embattled company. It's an interview you won't see anywhere else.

    During the interview, Hemming also responded to a host of charges leveled against her by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has likened her to a bank robber.

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    i know it might be old news to some people but some people might not have seen it so... B)

    oopps so sorry just seen that sharedholder alredy posted it ah well


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    I say put them both in a ring and let them fight it out!


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