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Thread: polish BT users

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    what u think about users from poland ? does they really diserve to be banned from hdbits and sct ? post here what u think about it..

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    I understand why trackers do such things, like if you have 1000 users from a certain country, and 950 of them are either traders, cheaters etc. They'll probably just ban the whole country from accessing the tracker, even if that means banning those 50 good users.

    In the end, it's the user that deserves the ban. not the country, but some admins have more important stuff to do than ban users from the same several countries...

    In my opinion, no country should be fully banned, I mean, I know a Polish guy who abides by all rules, and seeds fully even on public trackers, and same goes for the other countries.

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    heh check scl and its top10 poland on 1st and 2 places :> and i dont think that they try to cheat. btw we can find traders in all continets...


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