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Thread: Mp3 Sound Problems

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    Recently when downloading mp3&#39;s using Kazaa Lite (new/old version) i get a horrible noise about 5-10 seconds after starting it using winamp. I know this is not a problem with winamp as i get the same results with Windows Media Player and the same problem on a totally different computer. Some mp3&#39;s i download sound fine but the majority of them i get this horrible noise. One thing i have noticed is that when i play the mp3 in winamp the kbps rate (192,128) starts off fine but when the sound goes bad, the kbps rate goes all crazy jumping up/down. Another thing i have noticed is that this tends to happen when my dowload is above 50k transfer rate. When i download <50k the mp3 usually turns out okay. Anyone have any ideas?

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    look through the forum, there are dozens of topics relating to this.
    the possibilty is that fake files are being pushed by record companies and riaa.
    look for higher bit rate files.


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