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Thread: Newsdemon or Giganews??

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been using Newsdemon for just under a year now but have noticed that Giganews has better retention so I'm tempted to switch over.

    I was just wondering if there's anyone that has tried them both and which one you would recommend? I've not had any problem's with Newsdemon so far, but the extra couple of 's for 100 days more retention with Giganews seems worth it.

    I've tried a few newsreaders (Newsleecher, NewsBin & News Rover), and my favourite, and the one I have now settled with is News Rover..... does News Rover work well with Giganews??

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    1. If you're willing to pay premium, Giganews is the way to go. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth it. The completion, retenitition and speeds are second to none, and personally I'm having a stellar experience with it, usage and support wise. Again, Giganews worth the extra cash.
    2. My Newsgroups setup consists of Giganews and Newsleecher and that combination never failed me.

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    i download alot and have use giganews twice...... i prefer astraweb(the best), only get gignews if need retention ( not just because u need retention for 1 or 2 files)

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    Giganews is the undisputed king in the Usenet arena.
    They have zero downtime, and no throttling or bandwidth problems.

    On top of that they have the longest retention, and I've hardly had to download pars.

    Worth the cash.

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    I think Newsdemon is slightly overpriced for what you get. Why pay more for a reseller of the same back-end service you can get elsewhere for less? Look around - there are many usenet providers that offer 100+ day retention for $15 for unlimited - with or without SSL. (Newsdemon's is $18/$23) One thing Newsdemon has to its advantage is that they accept several different payment methods, and also offer live support 24/7. If you need those things, then Newsdemon might be worth the extra cost.

    Giganews is in a class all by itself. No other provider comes close to their 200-day retention and rock-solid reliability. To many people, Giganews is worth paying more each month.

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    Giganews is worth every penny, for their retention alone.

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    The only reason I use newsdemon is so I can pay by paypal - would change in a heart beat if giganews took paypal.

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    Been a Giganews customer for nearly 3 years and and they have never failed me. No downtime, great support, max speed 24/7 and good retention.

    I download 350-500GB/month.

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    giga best of the best i download 6 to 700GB/month

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustDOSE View Post
    i download alot and have use giganews twice...... i prefer astraweb(the best), only get gignews if need retention ( not just because u need retention for 1 or 2 files)
    Yeah, $39 for three months, with 122+ day retention, is a really nice deal. I hope eventually they'll get closer to that 200 day mark, and still keep the same price. That price is just unbeatable.


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