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Thread: Seeding Help...

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    How do you go about seeding your own rips with a seedbox?

    Obviously when grabbing somone else's file, you just save the torrent file and then open in the seedbox, but with my own files they are not on the seedbox server. I tried to drag the file onto my ftp clinet, but that didn't work so now I'm stuck. Can anyone help.

    I'm using OVH seedbox btw.
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    Where are you trying to upload them too?

    Most private sites don't allow you to upload unless you make a request to get uploader rights and then staff approve it.

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    well lets say its bitme and they allow uploading by anyone (I just want to see the answer to this question)

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    use FTP to upload the files to the seedbox

    if its not working you're doing something wrong .. ..

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    well i up mine by using a piratebay tracker and use utorrent on my comp then i add the same traker to the torrent that i want to up on my box and let it go works better for me than ftp
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    Ok here is how it usually works when using Utorrent to make a torrent file.

    1. choose File->create a torrent
    2.Select Source- browse to the folder you want to upload
    3. add the tracker announce url in the Trackers box which usually is http://nameoftracker/announce but I would look at the sites forums or FAQs just to make sure you have the correct announce url.
    4. Click on "Create and save as" tab to make the .torrent file
    5. Go to the sites upload link and upload the .torrent file
    6. Go and find the details pages for the torrent you just uploaded on the tracker and download the torrent and point it to the location where the file you are trying to share is located and let Utorrent do the hash check to 100%
    7. You now should be seeding the file and if you reload the torrent details page it should now show 1 seed where it had 0 before.

    Youtube video for some visuals on how to do it.

    DKedit: Like Raban said I think the original posters problem is that he/she needs to setup and ftp client on his home machine and then connect with that to the ftp server on his box and upload what ever files he wants to share that way and then use remote desktop to launch utorrent and use the guide above to upload his file.
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