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Thread: Which private trackers have game RIPS?

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    Demonoid and The pirate bay have them but i am yet to see a skullptura or dopeman ripped game on a private tracker. For example the latest Turok rip which is only 5.45GB instead of the massive 12GB version. And this RIP is not on any of the private trackers i know of .

    Anyone? Thanks
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    Since it's not a scene-releases, you won't find it in tracker that exclusively allow scene releases to be uploaded.
    Your best chance is to search sites that allow homemade content as well. I've searched, and BCG only have the 12GB scene version.
    Moreover, TL has a a PC Rips section but it's somewhat vacant.

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    Well, the only Turok rip I know is from someone named Skullptura and it's on Demonoid if that is 'private' enough for you.

    There are however scene groups that release game rips but they have become only an afterthought since broadband access is available to so many internet users and many of their releases are rare and unknown games. Groups who release said rips are for example VACE, Unleashed, BACKLASH (if they still exist), ALiAS or RiTUEL in no specific order - you'll find some of those releases on SCC and other scene trackers but the availability is probably not complete.


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