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Thread: Guess what, one more FTN req

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    Here comes one more FTN req
    I know i'm not active here, but i'm a very active at other forums, but that who cares... BUT i'm a very good user.
    I got 24/3mbit, and i'm seeding 24/7, and seeding the torrents as long as i can ~ 3-6months.
    If u want ratio proof, just ask in PM.
    I know FTN is a high-levle tracker, but it's not why i want it, i want it because the comunity.

    So if someone have an invite, u know some body who want it

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    ppl here must understand, own a seedbox and seeding all day long will not qualified you for the invite.
    the inviters looking for a pleasant guy, not for a seedboxer.

    good luck anyway.
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    After all, in FTN a seedbox is not necessary at all! Although, I wish you luck in your request!
    Stop chasing, start living!!!


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