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Thread: Wc3 Expansion Install Problem

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    I finally got a copy of the game but just when the installation is about to finish the war3x file it crashes giving this error:
    WAR3_INSTALL caused an invalid page fault in
    module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff7b9a6.

    Any suggestions on how to get by this problem?


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    The wc3 expansion needs a clean installation of the original!
    i.e. no crack .exe files copied first!

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    Tried it but sadly I still get the same error

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    This may be a stupid question but is there any other way to install the game (or even a file on kazaa) that can allow you to do it manually?

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    sorry but no...
    if u installed the original WarCraft 3 and on this The expansion it will work...
    dl the Throzen Throne from here

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    Didn't think so. I'm dl'ing from the link you gave atm and ill see how it goes.

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    Have you installed the NON-ripp version of Warcraft 3?

    If it is a ripp then it might cause problems with the expansion.

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    The problem could be caused by corruption. If it was a .bin image you downloaded, use Cdmage to scan it for errors. If it does have errors, you can use KCF to redownload the bad sectors.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.


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