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Thread: Game Level Designing

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    anny progmes for devloping game levels or anything of the sort
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    Depends what game you want.

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    Sorry let me be more clear (only had but 30 seconds before my computer reststart so it was unclear) anyway i am look for somthing of any sort like a 3dstudio or anything related. Like making things in 3d.
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    you could use half-life level editor. it works pretty good. its awsome for making 3d stuff. but you mean gfx pics right? then 3dstudio max r5 is the best. you can order a demo cd off from them, then you can get a crack of kazaa. dont download any of the rips from kazaa for it tho. there always mising something important.

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    Unreal Tournament includes a level editor in the System folder... I've used it to make a couple of levels myself, you can get them on my website.

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