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Thread: hosting-ie vds

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    Hi there

    I have currently an vds rebtor with some 100mbit with average of 20-3-mbit

    But friend of mine ordered 2 Rabtor + 2 and they came with 1Gb connection
    , so just checking before upgrading my package , does some one else has experienced that too or that was an accident or kind or promotion?

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    Don't think so,
    at list for the default price.

    did he got some limitations on them ?

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    No limits as far I know.
    just got them like that.

    and no extra prices aether.

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    Then ask them before upgrade

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    Noice like, I know 2 people that got this, did 17TB of traffic in 1 month and got booted, well worth it imo

    All they did was reformat the server and told them not to be that heavy in future, but I doubt it mattered by then
    Yes Sir, I'm Right On It!!

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    I'll be happy to reformat in the end of each month if they permit to use 17TB by then ))))
    Specially when VDS reformat with them is free ))

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    blade truth
    I wouldn't care if they ask to reformat it after 17TB )))

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    Yep, I did ask them ,
    it looks they really do set them with 1Gbit until the end of the month.

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    so did you got it with 1 Gbit?

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    yes, got it.
    But it is bit scary, speed is too high
    and very easy to go over that 10 or 17 tb
    I did try to download a movies from
    it took about cuple of seconds each file of 100MB, I even didn't notice the process bar with download speed and estimated download time I did click to the download button and next I've seen was the file on the desktop )))))

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