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Thread: Photoshop 6

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    How come everyone says when they try to make logo's they do it in photoshop.
    I downloaded photoshop 7 and tried to make a logo and when i drew a circle it looked all riggidy and cruddy, not smooth like flash mx. Is there a way to fix or would you suggest another program

    I meant to say photoshop 7 in my title

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    All I can suggest is that you read some books on Photoshop, or at the very least go through some of the tutorials on the web.

    When it comes to manipulating bitmap images, there simply is nothing better than Photoshop, and there isn't likely to be for the forseeable future.

    If you want to be able to create the best logos, photoshop is a must, along with a few other programs.


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    Circles would be best done with the template thingy on the side. Predefined shapes I think it's called?

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    I believe that the problem may simply be that of anti-aliasing, which is not part of the default operation of photoshop, since the circle was most likely a bitmap (or a rasterised vector), not a standard vector.

    The "smooth" effect is achieved simply by using one or more of the filters.



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