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Thread: Os Poll

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    Okay first off, this forum won't let me start a new poll, some error. So i've decided to do a non-poll poll. Lol, if you get that at all then come and participate.

    This is a poll to see what OS's you KaZaAers use.

    2000 Pro
    2000 Server
    XP Home
    XP Pro

    Post your answers in here and feel free to comment.

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    First of all, If you do want to start a poll just "PM" a Mod about it and they will do it for you. This forum just doesnt want people misusing polls.

    On a lighter note,

    I prefer WINXP Pro
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    Thanks for the info. I almost forgot, I use XP Pro also. My previous OS&#39;s were: 98SE 2000 Pro and finally XP Pro which I am using now.


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