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Thread: where to get WMV-NOVO/ IGUANA/ INSECTS releases?

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    anyone has the 411 on tis?

    is it just me or their releases are very few in between.

    i'm a 360 junkie btw n i'm sick of encoding x264s.

    my quest has led me from torrents to Rapidshare. N i'm finally here.

    anyone out there wit a WMV-HD addiction like me?

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    theres alot on there. Thats where I usually find them.

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    thanks strey. but this just confirms my deepest fear. WMV-HD on Usenet is not goin to solve my encoding problem.

    I know it seems like i'm askin too much considering the choice of movies when it comes to mkvs.

    i've tried encoding so many times and in so many different ways and it is just never perfect. there has to be at least 2 frames that are pixellated.

    pisses the hell out of me considering the 18 hours of encoding i put in it.

    when will MS give us a mkv update?! when!!

    p/s: i'm not into htpc btw. i'm a usb hdd guy, that's why.

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    oh I see well I tried I have a friend that uploads stuff but its not to newsgroups if youd like I can send u a link to the site in a pm or something. He has only done a few movies tho.

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    Buy a ps3 and the job is done in 15 mins

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    thank you loubarlow for the link. it is exactly wat i was lookin for. has the most nzbs for wmv-hd that i have seen so far.

    you sir, Rock!
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    Thank you,Loubarlow.


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