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Thread: Giveaway - Mainly Music

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    My first giveaway, I'm happy with ST for now and a friend helped me out with TR. So I'm giving away my unused accounts

    SoundDamage | SD
    TorrentLeech | TL
    SoundArea | SoA | RSR | TLT

    Would love a waffles invite, but other than that pm me.
    I'm new, yes, but that doesn't always mean anything

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    Hey you're new so maybe you don't realize what you're doing, but a lot of us will not give invites to people who giveaway good accounts just because they don't want them. That's just not the best way to do things. Very unsafe. Please reconsider.

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    tl plzzz

    pllllllllllllllz man i need tl somach
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    hey mate, nice giveaway, may have a TL account please? I've been looking for one for a long time now, and I also hope you get your waffles invite from someone soon

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    I didn't realise account trading was frowned upon by users, so will close this and see if I have any invites for you guys that requested.

    I'm new, yes, but that doesn't always mean anything


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