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Thread: This Riaa Shit Is Scaring Me

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    Okay this is probably an over used topic, but how exactly do they "pin" you with one of those supeonas. I mean i know a little about computers but im not as advanced, so can someone please tell me in laymans terms what the f#%@ is going on. I mean can they really shut down file sharing or is this all a big scare, and how do they do it???

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    they do it through your ip address, every internet connection has an ip address that for example looks like this, riaa moniters this address and sees where it goes what connects to it and if possible what files its sharing

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Dont be paranoid jsut relaz

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    Don't go outside. You will get hit by lighting.

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    Dude you need to relax RIAA need prove the you're downloading illegal files just format your drve if youe ever get letter, even better fucking burn the shit because i don't trust hard drive they could be brought back. and if the justice system work in this fucking country maybe you will get way with it. if i ever get cought i am calling my lawyer and i will stress out my freedom of fair use and RIAA is invating my freedom , isn't this country base on freedom ? i guess not

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    That's the whole point people!
    Don't be scared, please don't!

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    Get Sygate Firewall and they cant see what programs ur running.

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    dont be a pussy

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    The riaa is not doing much of anything, most of the tracking, if not all is done by a third party like MediaDefender. Basically, if they search for a file and you have it shared, they'll make note of the filename, filesize, your nickname, your ip, and the time.

    This information will be forwarded to the RIAA so they can file an information suponea for an ISP to reveal your name, address, and possibly email.

    Your internet provider may or may not contact you at first.

    What should you do? First off, You should also ensure you have the option to see shared files disabled. If you're that scared, share fewer files and use kazaa only occasionally.

    For people saying don't be scared, don't be so naive. The odds are definitely against you being caught but it can happen. It's a terrible strategy to sue potential customers but it may/may not be bluff. If you're like me going into University, fines that crazy would destroy me (and my parents for that matter).

    But I'm sharing all the time cause Canada's a piracy haven.

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    im more paranoid than anyone. i stopped downloading and sharing! i have kazaa lite version but still dont feel safe! is k++ really safe? scared like crazy! im dying to download some new songs but too scared!

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