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Thread: Should I Block These Things In Sygate Firewall..

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    Looking at this picture,there are many things I donīt know if I should block or not,does anyone know if I should allow them or block them?

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    They look harmless Services to me

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    ok thanx,I will allow them all then

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    Are you running a server or streaming media? If not then there's a bunch of stuff that should be disabled/uninstalled.

    windows media server is only for high end server applications.

    Termsrv.exe is terminal services app. Again only needed in a serious server environment.

    WINS is a security risk and should be disabled along with netbios over tcp/ip in the network connections tcp/ip advanced properties tab.

    Some of the other ***serv.exe apps I'm not familliar with but if you aren't using online gaming then maybe you'd better check them out as well. Any file pretty much can be looked up on google just by typing it in exactly. Same with extensions.

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    The Best Information on the net with information about services is Vipers Page .
    Another one is TweakHounds.

    Hope this Helps,

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    If you need more info on services I also have a few other site that may help, I just prefer these 2 to most.


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    I looked up on those 2 pages but it didnīt mention much of them.

    I use my computer for some online games such as Counterstrike and I dont use my computer as a server if you mean like FTP server or something like that.

    And about the streaming thing,I watch sometimes streaming movies over internet.
    And the WINS.exe ,will it affects anything bad if I disable it?

    This is my configuration now:


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