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Thread: Downloads stops right before completion

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    Program: NZB-o-Matic
    Server: Giganews

    This program has worked forever for me, but suddenly one or two downloads has started stopping right before completion, like: 400/401 or 89/90 which keeps them from being created in the folder - so I can't do a repair through quickpar either. There's probably other programs, but I'd rather have a solution to this one as I have to download 30-40gb of that NZB again if I choose a new program.

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    If NZB-o-Matic has an option to decode partial files and that option must be set, then do so. Don't use an old version of NZB-o-Matic which doesn't handle decoding of partial files. Don't let antivirus or firewall interfere with NZB-o-Matic downloads.


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