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Thread: choppy video

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    For some reason whenever i try to watch a video through any media player on my laptop the video starts getting choppy but the audio continues uninteruppted.the same thing happens when i try to watch videos online.what can i do, i have updated the videocard,display adaptors,codecs.i dont know wht else to do this just started happening out of nowhere.

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    Do you have something running in the background or other programs running? Even something that you may not know about

    Is your hard drive working overtime?

    Do you have enough disk space and memory free?

    Is it just the movie getting "choppy" or everything on the monitor?
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    when the video starts to get choppy the mouse cursor starts spinning as if something was loading up but i have no idea what.idk what hdd working overtime mean.and only the video becomes choppy and my computer begins to lag

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    It sounds like you have some other programs running that are using up your systems resources or transfer speeds on you hdd are maxing. It could be anything such as your anti virus/spyware program, malware on your computer, A peer to peer program or even if you are just downloading/uploading data at high speed.
    Have you ever had a pop up saying your system is low on virtual memory?
    Is your hard drive full or close to full?

    Check your free space on your hard drive, Try disconnecting from the Internet, turn off non system running processes and play a movie, see if it plays ok.

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    for some reason when =ever i play a video the cpu usage gaige goes up to 100 would i be able to do a factory restore if the laptop didnt come with a cd?The system restore onyl goes back a couple fo weeks


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