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Thread: Problems With Sharing Files

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    i have done everything that i can think of and used all hints given in faq but the files i created and put into my shared folder do not show up when i do a kaza search.....yet they are in my shared folder with all other this right? or have i done something wrong?

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    Well which shared folder did you put it in I mean there is one in C:\My Shared Folder and another in C:\Program Files\Kazaa Lite\My Shared Folder

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    they are in both.....

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    Whats your port on KL++ first.

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    the port is 1214 and supernode pert is 3915

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    does that show what files are being shared from my computer? if so why do they not show up when i search kazaa? btw thanks for all your help......appreciated

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    Can't search for your own files.

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    thanks again for all your help

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