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Thread: What's the deal with PRE channels ? Nopnet ?

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    i very much enjoy idling in the SCC pre-channel and watching all the new stuff that comes out.

    but i find it interesting sometimes when it seems two guys get into a "nuke" fight where one guy nukes a release, another unnukes it... this sometimes goes back and fourth many times with various insults being thrown by people who don't speak such good english.

    who are these people who have the power to nuke releases ? i figure the people un-nuking them are representatives from the group who put up the release... does every group have people with powers on the PRE channel?

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    the scene groups don't even want their releases to leak onto btt, they won't be idling in SCC pre-channel

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    not all the groups have access to nuke streams... and the power to nuke/unnuke...

    what's the deal in mentioning things like "nopnet" in these places? those are already "hated" by many ppl......

    PS: all public prechans like the one on scc are just relaying / leaking ... they do not have any global addpre or something similar... neither they nuke
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