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Thread: Secure in the USA

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to the USA soon for 6 months and will have a internet connection provided by Cox Communications. Location will be Arizona.

    I was wondering if it's safe to download in the USA using these methods:

    - Torrent using RC4
    - Usenet without encryption
    - Usenet with SSL 256bit
    - HTTP downloads (rapidshare etc)
    - FTP downloads

    I would be grateful if you could tell me which of these are safe to use and don't get throttled by the ISP.
    I cannot choose another ISP.

    And if I get caught downloading can they sue(or fine me or punish me in any way) me since I'm not an American citizen? I'm from Europe

    Thanks in advance
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    I have Cox for an ISP and have had NO issues at all (knock on wood)..Cox even offers usenet too..


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