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Thread: Lost File?

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    I have just downloaded a movie. Normally once my movie downloads are complete, it automatically goes into my "videos" folder in Kazaa. This particular movie saved itself under my "now playing" file. I can't seem to move it into my movies file, or anywhere for that matter. Do I need to rename the file or something? I like to have all my movies under one folder....thank you!

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    Does it give you an error when you try to move it? And if so what is it? Are you running WinXP?

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    No, no error message is showing. And I can play the video in Kazaa or Winamp. I'm running Windows 98. It's so strange that I can't move the file into another Kazaa folder. And I had to manually save it after downloading for it even to show up in my kazaa files.

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    Oh, I guess there is some type of error gives me the "No" symbol...the circle with the line through it, which means that I can't move the file to any other folder.

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    Try closing Kazaa, and then move it.

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    Thanks-I'll try that when I get home.


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