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Thread: Burning Files To Cd-r/dvd+r

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    Can someone help please?

    I have downloaded films and saved them to My Documents on my hard-disk. How do I now burn these files to either a CD-R or a DVD+R. I have a combined DVD writer and CD writer.

    I have looked at the guides on Doom 9 but find it complicated.

    I was wondering if someone could give me some guidelines on what software I need and how I go about making my CDs/DVDs

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    This is more of a hardware issue, what format is your film in, MPEG-1/2 or AVI/DivX/MPEG-4?

    You could burn it to CD as (S)-VCD, which Nero can take care of, but if the film is to large then transfer it to DVD+/-R/RW via Pinnacle Studio SE/Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator. This ought to be playable in the majority of new DVD-V players out currently.

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    Look at the pinned topic above. There's links to what you need.


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