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Thread: Can The Riaa Get People Outside

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    Hi there,
    i was just wondering... can the RIAA get people in the UK.... also, can someone please confirm this....

    if u download a mp3 with screeches does it mean that the RIAA can now sue u and even track you down????

    plz tell me....


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    i woudnt of thought so no well they better not be able to i hav downloaded many now with screeches on

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    i'm not quite sure, i live in canada, and i dont really care what the RIAA does to me! since i'm under 18, even if i get a criminal charge from them it'll just slide off my record!

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    The RIAA can't do anything outside the US. You are safe from the riaa if you live outside the US.

    Note - I never said you are completly safe. I said you are safe from RIAA. UK might have some other people sueing.

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    hell all of the EU countries may be screwed if they're DMCA on steroids gets passed. -points some people towards boycott-riaa- It's still on the front page of the news right now.


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