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Thread: Divx V Svcd/vcd

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    hey people, i wanna know if theres much difference between divx and vcd/svcd of a movie, ive downloaded matrix reloaded centropy thr massiv one over 2gb, and then got 1 700mb same qual, lately ive got divx releases for everything, and the qual seems good so whats the difference, ive converted a SVCD staragte ep into divx going from 600mb to 141mb quality seemed the same,

    only drawback i know is cant play on tv unless u but divx player

    Am i wrong right ??

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    divx is avi compression. quality can vary.
    vcd/svcd is mpeg 1/2 format this means that you can play it on most dvd players that can play vcd./svcd.
    quality of svcd.vcd depends on the bitretae similar to divx.

    as said before divx compresses the media file so it maintains its quality but is a smaller size


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