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Thread: Best Site for movies

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    I was just wondering, what's the best private site for movie torrents?
    For music i use STmusic with metal torrents,
    For TV i use (it works good for me coz i have a slow connection)
    For movies i tried moviex but it's quite terrible.. Any ideas? I just want a site with "normal" dvd-rips , not HD quality or anything.. And plus, pre times dont matter to me that much.. All i care about is speed and ability to seed/upload to tracker...

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    Man, there are so many!

    If your just starting out I would suggest Torrent Leech, massive amount of users, torrents stay seeded for ages, plus its easy to seed back if you have a slow connection


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    0-days are decent resources.
    But if you're looking for a dedicated movie tracker, I highly recommend Goem. (Stands for Garden of Eden Movies)
    Also, TehConnection is a new upcoming movie tracker - it is still in beta test mode but you can probably expect good things in the future after it gets more members.

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    thnx for the quick reply! Any more suggestions wold be highly appreciated.

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    for me scl and ptn are the best....

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    If you want DVD-R Movies than I would recommend TTi....

    Most of them are in PAL Format...

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    TL is very good for movies.

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    For normal SD scene movies, I would say Goem is a great resource, also most big general trackers would be good such as FTN, SCT, RevoTT and TorrentLeech.
    For DVDs, scene trackers and general sites also have them so same as above.
    For HD Movies, I would would be best, and the other ones are good alternatives.
    If you cant find what your looking for there, I would suggest you try Mininova as a last resource, found tons of rare movies there such as To Kill a Mockingbird, but sometimes the rip is so bad

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    Xhester's Avatar Linux Lover BT Rep: +4
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    TehConnection and Goem
    "Software is like sex: it's better when it's free"
    Linus Torvalds

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    depends on the speeds u want ... TL is decent but speed max outs on certain torrents ..

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