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Thread: Movie Playback Problem

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    have spent hours looking through the forum with no luck..the problem is tha i can download movie files but some of them will not play correctly...they report an incorrect length ( say 1.22 min when it should be 20) it will play the file but will stop after the 1.22. Now i know that the whole thing is there as if i click on the progress bar i can jump to all parts of the film..but it will stop and show a few pics to the sound track.. i have all the codec's running under media player9 and windows xp home.....any ideas

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    Try playing files with
    BS Player.

    Download Gspot and drag each film into program to sse if you have the right codecs

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    good player but still the same problem g spot will render it and play but seems to report n.a. under codec for audio and video i(seems to do that for files that play as well) it does report it as an MPEG1 though

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    bs player did not work but vlc player worked just fine, still no idea why, just glad it does

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    don't want to sound too dumb...BUT!! what is the "VLC" player you refer to? I keep getting sound but no video on some movies. I can tell this by watching the AVI Preview widow not converting any video frames.

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    Try a fixing program, Video Fixer for example, it claims it can fix your problem. Im using it for a while now, and it also repairs corrupted frames etc. pretty good!

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    vlc player from videolan


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